10 Stunning Pictures of Death Defying Behavior

Have you ever asked yourself who do the humans try to conquer Everest or fly into open space? Why do we ski down a scary mountain or jump off a flying jet? What it is exactly that’s making us do all kinds of insane things and to willingly put our lives in danger just to do the impossible? The scientists claim that we’re the only intelligent and conscious creatures in the world and that we do understand that our lives are to be cherished. Yet, we still love the thrill of doing something hazardous and perilous just for the heck of it (or for the glory). We are sophisticated, highly intellectual beings that are capable of doing whatever we set our minds to and that’s exactly why we keep pushing the boundaries and defying our own possibilities. The following list features 10 mesmerizing photos of folks risking their lives and “teasing” the Grim Reaper.

10 Not Just A Casual Walk


That guy must have one hell of a view! At the same time, he can’t allow himself to lose focus. Oh, and there’s definitely a great story for his grandkids!

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