11 Amazing Pictures Taken At Just The Right Moment

A great shot often steers away from the convention established in the world of photography. Of course, everyone likes a crystal clear shot, with the right amount of focus on the main subject, and with enough background blur. Many photographers can take pride in taking photos like this maybe once in their lifetime.

There is a saying which puts photos above words:”One picture is able to say a thousand words”.  We can extend the comparison even more and say that one video is able to say much more than one video. Whether there is a video or not behind these spectacular photos, they would definitely serve to cast light on what exactly happened outside the impressive frame.

Taking amazing pictures like the ones you are going to see can be considered the result of talent or just the result of taking the shot at the right time. It is definitely easier to rely on luck, and trying to much can leave you empty handed.

We can safely say that the best images are the ones that we take accidentally.  Most beautiful moments can be taken and we are not even aware of it. Check these 12 amazing images taken in just the right moment and decide which one you like the most.

Try to figure out if you can come up with a better explanation for what happened just before the shot and what happened immediately after. Our theories might fall short of taking all the angles in consideration.

11. My precious


A squirrel reaching for a peanut can sound like a plain and boring scene, but if you add true emotions to the scene everything becomes more dynamic and more engaging. The small furry animal makes no effort in concealing the fact that it is obsessed by any type of food flying through the air. We are not sure if this photo inspired Smeagol from Lord of the Rings, but the resemblance is there to be judged.

The squirrel eyes are big and focused, and its claws are ready to grab the unsuspecting victim. National Geographic should leave behind the traditional hunting scenes taking place in Africa and focus on this life-or-death battle between the predator and its prey.

This photo probably changes the whole way in which you looked at squirrels. Will you pet the next one without having a voice in your mind saying that this is suicide, and that you can end up without your hand?

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