11 Celebrity Gold Diggers That Struck It Rich

11 – Oksana Grigorieva (Mel Gibson)


In case you were wondering, this beauty is a gifted musician and singer from the Russian Federation, but she’s not actually famous for her music. No, she had been dominating the tabloids because she was Mel Gibson’s girlfriend (one of many).

By the way, Mel wasn’t the first Hollywood big shot she tried to enchant: Timothy Dalton was her first “quest”, but, after she gave him a child, Oksana decided it was time for her to bring out the big guns and hunt out a mightier prey. Grigorieva dated Gibson for one short year, but she still managed to get a tasty piece of that pie (Mel’s bank account, that is).

Gibson decided to be a gracious man and offered the girl 15 million (!) US dollars to split up in peace. The thing is – the couple had a child together, and Gibson wanted his kid to be taken care of. A noble move, right? Well, not if you ask Oksana, who neglected his offer and took the matters to court. But when the judge went over her case, he decided that Gibson had to give her only 750K and to rent an apartment for both the young mother and her baby until the child turned 18 years old. Yep, greed is a pretty big sin, and the Russian dame should’ve taken the 15mil while she could.

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