12 Pictures You Won’t Believe Are Real

From time to time we all see a picture online and think to ourselves that it MUST be photoshopped. In this article we have collected 16 truly amazing pictures you might think are fake but actually are real. We can guarantee that most of them will shock you.

Your idea of what is real certainly needs some improvement in order to keep with what the Internet is capable of revealing. You can calm down your enthusiasm. We have no pictures showing unicorns or Bigfoot in high definition, at least not in this edition of 16 pictures.

But we do have amazing things, ranging from natural landscape, to limits of the human body, and anything in between. The recipe is simple. Take something you’ve already seen a thousand times and put it in another context. That is a clear path towards remaining breathless.

Seeing just the picture can leave you clueless, and this is why we added a short introduction on what is happening in each picture. You can go even deeper in each amazing fact and see what the rest of the Internet has to say about that.

We truly hope the collection is able to carry you through all the range of human emotions. We also hope that these amazing pictures will show once more what a beautiful and complex world we are leaving in. Or, to show you how strange and nasty some parts of it can get. Whatever side of amazing you like more, it’s up to you to decide.

Have fun with our collection of 16 pictures you won’t believe are real.

12. Curvy Roads


No this is not how Apple created their map, this is an actual picture of a road in Japan after an earthquake. Apparently the lanes were created one at a time, and the earth was compacted in a different way, which created the rift between the lanes.

The culprit was the 2011 Tohoku earthquake, one of the most violent seismic events from our recent history. It is quite common for powerful earthquakes to create land ruptures like the one captured in this shot. The crew on the road is probably on its way to measure the overall relative displacement, while coming up with a solution of rehabilitation.

Most probably, a lot of earthwork was required to bring the road back to functionality. We don’t doubt the Japanese were able to fully restore their infrastructure and even exploit the occasion to make it better.

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