12 Selfie Photobombs That Will Teach You To Look Back Twice

There is no greater pleasure in life than to ruin someone else’s photo. If it’s a selfie you are destroying, it is even better.

12. When You Want To Bomb Something Else Rather Than Than A Photo


Being stuck in the friendzone hurts more than they tell you in school.

Just take a look at that poor fellow. The girl is so comfortable with him in the background of her sexy selfies that she will not bother to crop the photos.

She wants to let everyone know he got her back and will always be there. “Do I look hot enough, silly?” She uses her male companion to test the level of hotness just before delivering the photos to her actual boyfriend.

As for the young man only allowed to watch, you can imagine the war of secession going on in his mind. Remain a friend or risk years in jail for rape?

Sometimes, the one photobombing a selfie becomes the protagonist.

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