18 Exceptional Ladies Who Set World Records With Their Unusual Bodies

There’s a tiny group of women that have a little something, a unique condition that sets them apart. What are we talking about, you might wonder? In most cases, this women don’t even have any idea about “it” – this special feature. The following list includes 18 exceptional ladies that will both surprise and inspire you. Let’s roll!

1 – Chanel Tapper

foto www.todaysbuzz.com

This girl has an unbelievably-long tongue: it’s almost 4 inches long (3,8, to be exact)! Hailing from Houston, she became famous after a video on YouTube. Since then, Chanel has been participating in all kinds of trendy events. According to this smiley woman, she’s always been happy to show that huge tongue to the others, which means she’s living in harmony with her own self.

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