19 People Who Spent Thousands on Plastic Surgery to Look Like a Celebrity

Famous people have been influencing the way the rest of us act and dress since the olden days. You can bet that dudes all across the country were running out to by giant stove-pipe hats as soon as Abe Lincoln became president. Fashion, slang and other aspects of taste are one thing. Some fans, however, take things to a whole other level. And that level is expensive and horrifying.

With plastic surgery a big deal both in the US and all over the world, it was inevitable that some people would go under the knife in order to resemble their favorite famous person. So many people, in fact, that we’ve managed to come up with a list. So, sit back, shoot that Botox into your face and enjoy this list of regular people who PAID to look like other famous people.

18. Kim Kardashian


Not shockingly, the daughter of O.J. Simpson’s lawyer and reality TV star shows up on this list. The result here is quite successful, as Claire Louise Leeson’s $30K on surgery resulted in a pretty close facsimile. In fact, Claire might be “more” Kim than Kim is at this point.

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