6 Plastic Surgeries: Most Disturbing Body Parts

6. Hip Injections for $15 000

Hip Injections for $15 000

The woman spending about $15,000 on illegal hip injections has written a book, in which she casts light on the secrets of cosmetic surgeries on the black market. 30-year-old Vanity Wonder, a mother of two children from Midwest, USA, has told about how she was addicted to silicone injections to make her hips bigger. One of the “Shot Girls” revealed some details of her trying to find and have these injections. She told that she was an assistant of a practitioner on the black market and she told about his patients, among which there were a 17-year-old girl brought in by her own mother and a woman in her seventies with bifocal spectacles and a set of false teeth.

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