8 Best Office Pranks Can Pull Probably Not Fired

Pranks are a delicate topic when they are done in the same place you work. There is a fine line between taking some time to annoy or amuse your colleagues and giving your boss reasons to fire you. 

We want to help you on this mission of squeezing more fun out of a lifeless workplace with the 13 best office pranks that are safe to perform.

If you think that practical jokes are just for Halloween or April 1st, it means you are either a sad person or a pure breed workaholic. Numerous studies are suggesting that companies allowing employees to prank each other are more performant that those enforcing strict etiquette.

We do not know if being the victim of a joke makes you more aware of traps and decoys while doing business, but it helps to cheer things up.

After reading this article, you will probably acquire the reflex to check your office for malicious setups each morning

It can be as simple as looking under your optical mouse or checking that suspicions looking toilet paper in the bathroom. Better let people call you a maniac than to allow your cubicle mates a good laugh.

8. Caramel Onions


Everyone loves sweets! Given the office rule that any of them left unsupervised for more than a couple of minutes are fair game, sweets are the excellent bait.

Do you often think of ways to get back to those who savagely depleted your donut box? Well, this is your chance.

Caramel apples are one hell of a treat, and every employee knows how a taste of caramelized sugar can wash away the bitterness of a long complaint mail. Just imagine the void in their hearts when they realize onions replaced the apples.

Indeed some of your colleagues might be freaks regarding food, and your onion delicacy might ring an unexpected bell. However, the bet is on people rushing to the toilet to throw up.

While this will likely not get you fired, the others will learn to think twice before stealing your food.

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