8 Gorgeous Plus Size Models

 Tess Holliday  foto www.mars-e.com

The “plus-size” models became a real sensation in the modern world of fashion. The majority of famous designers pay great attention to the clothes of large size in their collections, and the oversized girls have become an integral part of fashion shows. Ad campaigns speak about girls with such gorgeous figure only with admiration and praise their attractiveness. Instagram accounts are full of “plus size” hashtags. Many channels of famous beauty bloggers are devoted to the advantages and disadvantages of the oversize beauty. To sum it up, this trend has completely changed the idea of the fashion world and beauty stereotypes. The term “plus-size” is still a very popular request which causes constant interest for many people. There are a lot of different opinions about “genetically gifted” people but the viewpoints of such models are especially interesting. Here you will find comments of the most known models of this category in the modern world of the fashion business.

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