No Way! These 17 Babies Look Exactly Like Celebrities

If you’re lucky enough to look like a modern-day pop-star/famous artist, rest assured that your life will be pretty fancy, as you can make an “honest” living as an impersonator. True, you will have to learn how to handle an army of fans and be ready to put a smile on your face whenever they ask you to, but. on the brighter side, you’ll be making a top dollar. Yep, being a celebrity doppelganger pays – handsomely. Take a look at these one-of-a-kind babies: they’ve got their whole future planned ahead of them as they look exactly like some of the most famous celebs out there. Sure thing, they could lose their resemblance as they grow, but right now they’re hitting the bull’s eye. On the other hand, they might just keep those million-dollar faces for eternity. Well, that’s a whole another story. Today we’re taking a look at the most amazing (and cute) moppets that will make you laugh and have a good time. They truly are astonishing!

1. This baby looks like he could save the hobbits from the fires of Mordor.

You think that Minas Tirith is in imminent danger and don’t really know where to turn to? Ask this baby to lend you that helping hand. He does look a lot like Gandalf, the legendary white mage. Yeah, he is a bit too young, but the force is there, no question about it.


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