The Top 10 Most Famous Festivals

History of national holidays, parades, carnivals, festivals, torchlight processions — is rooted in a century, and today people are once again returning to basics: sew lavish costumes, made colorful scenery, colorful characters and props. Sometimes, in the organization of processions attended by several thousand people: musicians, actors, dancers, singers, acrobats and ordinary citizens, wishing to maintain the tradition.

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10. Oktoberfest, Germany
Octoberfest is one of the biggest folk festivals in the world. It is visited annually about six million people who come to Munich from all German lands and other countries. The official time, when Oktoberfest takes place, is the period from mid-September to early October. In 2016, Oktoberfest will be held from 17 September to 2 October, the place is downtown, in the Theresienwiese is near the Main train station. Event duration is about 16 days. Tickets for Oktoberfest sold out almost instantly. The festival is famous for various attractions and a large number of beer tents. Holding Oktoberfest is engaged in the administration of the city of Munich.

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