Top 8 Amazing Facts About Australia

All jokes about potential hazards with which you can face in Australia that you see on the Internet are really justified.
This continent at the bottom of the map was discovered by James Cook. The land was isolated from the rest of the world and has unique flora and fauna. Australia vegetation, animals and natural phenomena do their best just to kill you. Hey, that nice old lady living next door is looking at you in such a strange way…

So, we have selected 8 deadly things about Australia

8. Crocodiles Are Everywhere

Crocodiles Are Everywhere

It is well known that there are so many crocs in Australia and that they are not just big but really giant! The size of this saltwater croc is almost 18 feet.

Crocodiles Are Everywhere
Crocodiles are the last known remnants of dinosaurs.

The waters are not interesting for crocs anymore. The beasts leave them and go off on a journey along nearby towns.

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