Ultimate Cringe: Checkout the 15 Worst Facial Tattoos Ever!

It’s a known fact: facial tattoos are by far the riskiest and the cockiest ones. You can’t hide them under your clothes, and that means some folks will treat you a certain way. The majority of us go for neat and tidy tattoos, something small and with a strong message or meaning. But some of ’em like to go all the way and turn their faces into something “alien” and disturbing. We’ve got a list of the biggest failures in history when it comes to ink on your face. There’s no going back from these ridiculous tats and even your cell mates in the joint won’t appreciate the art. So, make yourself comfy and let’s check out these 15 epically bad facial tattoos.

15. Drake’s Name On A Girl’s Face


True, we all have our favorite singers/rappers, but this young lady asked the wrong tattoo artist to put Drake all over her face. The placement is wrong, the lining is all messy, and, come to think of it, it’s really stupid to cover your face with an artist’s name, even if it’s Drake and he’s hot right now. He’s not gonna be a star forever, and this girl will have to think of new ways to explain why she did it. Sure, it does look kinda cool, but will it be equally fancy 5 or 10 years later?

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