It’s Worth Seeing: 8 People Having Cheap Plastic Surgery

Nowadays cosmetic surgery is more available than even, and more and more people go under the plastic surgeon’s knife to correct flaws of their appearance. However, services of professionals are quite expensive, so sometimes patients look for a way to have the same surgery but use cheaper services of the other doctor. Unfortunately, there is a serious risk of running into a charlatan and being disfigured for the rest of life. Here are some examples.

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8. Defaced Nose


Defaced nose cheap is not better unsuccessful surgery   plastic surgery

In 2010, a resident of Bangkok named Helena Grace decided to do what she always dreamed of. She consulted the plastic surgeon on a correction of the nose shape. She visited the doctor showing him a picture of the nose she would like to have. Despite the fact that she came only to talk, she was prepped for the surgery a few hours later. When the woman woke up, she felt that something was wrong, but the doctor comforted her. When bandages were removed, it turned out that the nose shape was not what she asked for. Moreover, one nostril stopped breathing. The surgeon explained that the surgery was unsuccessful and it was necessary to do another more expensive surgical intervention to correct this “error”. Helena sued the clinic but lost a case, as the court didn’t find clear evidence of negligence.

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